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Matthew Dellavedova tackles Reggie Jackson, acts innocent

Dellavedova with a very Dellavedova foul on Reggie Jackson in the fourth quarter.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

This much is true:

The Dellavedova-ness of this Dellavedova foul was enough to make the refs want to take a second look at it.

After further review, the refs ruled Delly simply clumsy and innocent of any flagrant. In fact, one could argue he was trying to help Jackson from a hard fall once he jumped in the air and Dellavedova stumbled into him.

Either way, Jackson shook off the fall and knocked down both freebies to put the Pistons up three with 21.3 seconds remaining. Jackson went on to make four more free throws in the final seconds to help the Pistons take down the King(s) of the East, 104-99.

Sticking with the Cleveland Browns theme, the game ended with Andre Drummond intercepting a Cleveland pass.