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Watch: Andre Drummond has perfect response for reporter's question on Pistons' crowd

Andre Drummond 1, Reporter 0.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons came away with a big comeback win 104-99 against the Cleveland Cavaliers against a raucous crowd at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

After ranking at or near the top in attendance during their dominant run from 2001-2008, the Palace has had plenty of empty seats as the Pistons have languished near the bottom of the standings. Still, Pistons fans know and love quality basketball, a fact that head coach Stan Van Gundy has mentioned many times since being hired.

When a reporter decided to ask about the surprisingly intense crowd, which has been known to cheer more for visiting superstars than their own team, Andre Drummond was having none of it.

Andre Drummond has no time for bandwagon ass cats.

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For those who can't watch the video, when the reporter said the crowd was more into the game "unlike one that even I've seen in quite a while," Drummond had the perfect response.

"Well, you're not here every game so for us it's the same energy."

Damn, Dre. Drummond swatted away the question like he swats away shots at the rim.