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In the memetime: Anthony Tolliver and grandma bring us Round 2

The second round of our challenge finds Team DBB down 0-1. Not good. This must change, unless you don't let it.

via @Kollincurrie
via @Kollincurrie

If you'll remember, In the memetime is the feature where a meme is created by myself or another staff member from a selected image and our dear Detroit Bad Boys faithful are invited to come up with alternate captions in the comments section below. Through the tried-and-true method of counting the most "recs" the winning alternate caption will be made into a meme of its own, at which point both memes will be presented and a vote will be taken to see if anyone among you, dear readers, can beat the original DBB meme and in so doing, as Conan O'Brien famously says, make chump meat out of the maestro!

Well in an unexpected turn of events, chump meat was made of the maestro, and in our inaugural run no less. The theme you selected, thought up by none other than revken, handily beat my theme by a score of 67% to 33%. So we've got a bit of egg on our face, but we shall soldier on. No one will ever call us a chicken.

An so began an exhaustive search to find the next image which came up empty, but we where once again provided a stellar example by the beginning-to-seem-legendary image-finder Kollin Currie:

Here my friends, is the unadulterated original via @Kollincurrie


That, ladies and gentleman, is a quality image, almost sickeningly rife with possibility. An elderly couple and a surprise visit from one Anthony Tolliver.

The one twist this time is that we are going to open up the final vote to three finalists instead of two:

1- The one selected from the comments

2- My own

3- One from Kollin Currie himself, should he choose to accept this challenge and step off the sideline and get into the game...

As always, do your worst, impress your friends and family. Here is your chance, don't let them down. Produce your shot at a winner in the comments below...