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Andre Drummond recognized as East's best for the week

The Pistons center has been named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the first week of the season.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In what will come as little surprise to Pistons fans, the dominating start to the season by Detroit's own Andre Drummond has not gone unnoticed in NBA HQ. The fourth year big man was named the Eastern Conference's Player of the Week, for the week from 10/27 to 11/1.

Drummond has been an absolute beast to start the season, leading the Pistons to a somewhat unprecedented 3-0 start to the season against Eastern Conference powerhouses the Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls, as well as stifling Western Conference defensive team the Utah Jazz.

Drummond is averaging 18.7 points and 16.3 rebounds in the first week of the season, and already has a 20-20 game to his name against the Bulls, the fifth of his young career. He is only shooting the ball at 41.3% so far, but a lot of these are long sequences where Drummond decides to play volleyball with himself and the backboard, as evidenced by his 15.8% offensive rebounding percentage, and the fact that he already has 19 offensive rebounds this season.

The biggest surprise, however, has been his free throw shooting. A notoriously woeful shooter from the line, it seems that Dave Hopla has spiked Dre's Kool-Aid with Michael's Secret Stuff, because the big fella is now hitting his freebies at a sizzling 58.1% (lol), including a 6-10 effort in Atlanta followed by a 8-11 streak against Utah.

According to Basketball Reference, this is somehow Dre's first Player of the Week selection, but if he keeps playing the way that he is, they'll surely begin to mount, and a Player of the Month award is the next step.

Oh, and Steph Curry was the West's top dog this week. He's been OK I guess. Funny enough, it's only Curry's third selection. You know who also has three? Brandon Jennings.