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Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook throw shade at Reggie Jackson

No love lost between Reggie Jackson and his former teammates in OKC.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that Reggie Jackson had a tumultuous departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder last season. Jackson was tired of coming off the bench and wanted to lead a team of his own. He thought he was ready to prove that he was one of the best point guards in the NBA. Yes, he probably could have gone about it in a better way, but that's what you should expect from a potential A level player who's rode the pine for most of his NBA career. Jackson's trade wish came true Feb. 19 in a move that shipped Kyle Singler, DJ Augustin and Enes Kanter (from the Utah Jazz) to OKC and brought Reggie Jackson to his new home in Detroit.

Fast forward nine months and the stage was set for Jackson and his longtime teammates, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, to finally face off on an NBA floor. The Thunder got the first laugh, winning last night's game 103-87 on their home court.

Now for the post-game comments. When Durant was asked about last night's game he responded "Steven did a great job on their best player and Andre did a great job on their second best player in Pope and Russ did his job,". The intentional absence of Jackson was purposeful, and the shade palatable.

When Westbrook was audibly asked about Jackson's return to OKC he replied "Who?" prompting the reporter to restate "Reggie Jackson," to which Westbrook asked "What happened?"

It is clear that both Westbrook and Durant hold some feelings towards Jackson, maybe they miss their reliable sixth man, maybe they want to see him succeed with a team of his own, but when the Thunder and Pistons faceoff there's no love lost. Now we wait for the rematch at The Palace of Auburn Hills on March 29, 2016.