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Memetime: The reckoning

The time has come to vote on our first edition of In the memetime!

In our inaugural edition, revken, a name familiar to us all came out with the most rec'd caption for the picture above of Reggie Bullock, Stanley Johnson and Spencer Dinwiddie pleading their case to referee Joey Crawford (via @Kollincurrie):

revken's comment

And in the first comment no less! According to the stringent rules handed down for generations, that most rec'd comment is to become the competition for the caption and meme I came up with prior to the contest.

So here are your options, ladies and gentlemen: first revken's then my own (which was sealed in an imaginary computer envelope by none other than our esteemed Packey)



And mine:

Joey's ear hair

Please make your votes count and may the best meme win!

(Oh and let us know what you think of the idea of making this a semi-regular feature...suggestions, improvements, etc all welcome below along with your usual assortment of witty banter)