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Andre Drummond's Player of the Week award could lead to big things

Let's talk about Andre Drummond some more, cool? If Dre was able to win back-to-back POW awards imagine the possibilities ...

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We can all exhale now.

Finally, with Detroit's loss to the Pacers on Tuesday, the pressure is off. Frankly, I'm glad it happened, because we don't need DISTRACTIONS like this in this locker room.

But just because the Pistons are no longer playing for an undefeated 82-0 record, doesn't mean the season is a total loss.

Now they can focus up on important things, like getting Andre Drummond to put up video game numbers. DBB has already gone into detail about the elite company Drummond has joined, but the dude is ballin' out of his mind. He was just named Eastern Conference Player of the Week on Monday, and then followed that up with a monster 25-29 night against the Pacers. Drummond is to rebounding what Steph Curry is to making it rain, or what Joel Embiid is to crushing pitchers of Shirley Temples.

Speaking of Eastern Conference Player of the Week, Drummond is the first Pistons recipient of this award since 2009, when combo guard (pejoratively speaking) Rodney Stuckey nabbed it. (The same guy who, ironically, tore the Pistons up Tuesday.)

It's been almost seven years(!) since the Pistons had a player string together the best three- or four-game stretch of anyone in the Eastern Conference. That's insane. Like, you would have thought that by sheer luck Greg Monroe could've double-doubled his way to the award, or Ben Gordon could have caught fire like he did in the playoffs for the Bulls.

So that got me thinking, what was the world like the last year a Piston was the POW?

  • Obama #hoped for #change, and was inaugurated as the first African-American president. He also had black hair.
  • I was still rocking a Motorola Razr flip-phone. The iPhone 4 was still six months from launching, so selfies had to be taken with a digital camera, plugged into your HP laptop and manually uploaded to Facebook. Might as well have been a chisel and slate.
  • Avatar was the most popular movie in America, leaving most of the country confused if it was OK to be sexually attracted to life-sized Smurfs. (Also, real talk, that movie sucked. It was basically a $200 million version of "FernGully.")
  • Bill Cosby received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters degree from Oberlin College. ... Moving on ...
  • Tiger Woods had a Thanksgiving to remember.
  • NBC Thursday nights aired "Community," "Parks & Rec," "The Office" and "30 Rock" aka MURDERER'S ROW.
  • The heart of the Great Financial Crisis and the looming fear of unemployment scared college students such as myself into taking another year of ballroom dancing and disc golf classes.

I tried to research the last time a Pistons player won back-to-back POW honors, but my five-minute Google search proved fruitless. Chauncey Billups? Grant Hill? Isiah Thomas? Adrian Dantley? Dave Bing? We may never know (ed. noteWe will. It's never happened). The technology just isn't there (ed. note: yes, it is. My Google game is strong). But if Dre heads out west this week and continues to rebound like a Grown Man, he could conceivably pull it off.

And don't bet against this. He'll face Alex Len and the Phoenix Suns, followed by Meyers Leonard and the Portland Trail Blazers. Let's just say none of these guys strike fear into my heart. And the reality is, Drummond will be bringing some extra motivation to the west coast. Because next week, he gets the Lakers and the Clippers back-to-back in Los Angeles.

Can you imagine him rolling into Hollywood after being named the POW for the second straight week?? Jennette McCurdy was cute, but once he establishes himself as the NBA's best true center the sky is the limit. We're talking anyone from the "Bachelor" cast, a Kardashian. ... Hell, he might just up and steal Iggy Azalea right from Swaggy P after he posterizes him on a put-back slam.

(Oh no, now he's got a taste for fame and is totally embracing the Hollywood lifestyle! He's just been cast in "Space Jam 2"! He's got a line of cologne called "Dre Spray"! Why didn't we just sign him long-term this summer, don't go to Lakers, Dre, noooooo!)

Back to reality.

On second thought, let's just keep it to a sensible 18 and 15 this road trip. Nothing too flashy, Andre!