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Marcus Morris rips Suns fans for not booing him loud enough

Morris was booed every time he touched the ball, but he was unimpressed by the hate.

Much was made about the return of Marcus Morris to Phoenix. He was playing against his former team and playing against his twin brother for the first time in three years.

After struggling early, Morris found his rhythm and finished with 20 points and six rebounds in a winning effort. In his on-court interview after the game, Morris was asked about dealing with boos where he once received cheers. Morris took the opportunity to smack talk the Suns fans, not for their lack of support but for their unimpressive jeers.

None, man, it didn't really affect me none. I love it, man, I love it. This ain't Detroit, though, man. Detroit is way better. I don't even know what this is out here."

That was kind of weak, but he refined his message for Suns fans by the time he talked to reporters in the locker room and sharpened the edge of the knife.

Something tells me the boos will be even louder when Detroit visits Phoenix next season.