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Pistons vs. Blazers, final score: Detroit dominates fourth quarter to win 120-103

In a game in which the Pistons trailed by double digits most of the game, a huge fourth quarter COMEBACK helped them beat the Blazers 120-103.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last several years, Pistons fans have gotten used to the Pistons crumbling in the fourth quarter to squander both leads and attempted comebacks. Not Sunday night. The Pistons dominated the Portland Trail Blazers 41-11 in the fourth quarter to flip the score on its head and win 120-103. The Pistons had not won in Portland since 2007.

Here are a couple of halftime numbers to ponder:

  • Blazers: 59% shooting, Pistons: 38% shooting
  • Reggie Jackson: 3-12 shooting, 0 assists
  • Marcus Morris: 2-12 shooting
  • Pistons: 47, Blazers: 57

The Blazers were shooting 65% after three quarters and led by 15. When it looked like the Pistons were going to lose a game where Andre Drummond had himself another 20-20 (29 points, 27 rebounds), the Pistons completely flipped the switch in the fourth. The Pistons had allowed teams to average 92 points per game in their first five games. Portland had that by the end of the third quarter, along with a 15-point lead.

Then Reggie Jackson happened (with some defense and help from the Blazers). Jackson, who had a horrible first half in terms of shooting went nuts in the fourth quarter. Jackson scored 16 straight points to bring the Pistons back into the lead. He would finish the game with a career high 40 points to go along with five rebounds, five assists, two steals against two turnovers. Those $80 millions dollars seemed worth it in that fourth quarter.

Pistons fans have been used to 4QC standing for fourth quarter collapse. Tonight, that C stood for comeback. If you did not watch this game, do whatever you can to catch a replay. You owe it to yourself (remember the last seven years).

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