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Brandon Jennings reiterates team-first attitude

When quizzed on Twitter, Jennings put the team before himself.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jennings has been labeled many things in his career, unfairly or otherwise, but one tag that has really avoided him until recently is that of team-first player. Even after averaging 7.6 assists in 2013-14, he was still branded as a chucker, a headcase and a locker room problem.

Enter Reggie Jackson, and the rumors of discontent and pouting began to fly. Even after appearing on the HangTime Podcast on and expressing his desire to simply rehab and win his spot back in the rotation, people still didn't take him seriously.

Brandon Jennings doesn't publicly tweet often about Reggie Jackson, for whatever reason. He is quick to heap effusive praise on Andre Drummond for his monster games, but praise on the Jackson front is usually silent. That all changed last night.

Then, when asked by a fan on Twitter if he'd come off the bench during the rest of his Detroit tenure, Jennings hit back with this response.

Brandon Jennings buying into a bench role? I'll take that.