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Have questions for the podcast? Just #AskDBB

We are bathing in the glory of relevance. The Detroit Bad Boys podcast wants your questions about the team, the players, the magic.

The Detroit Pistons are 5-1 after an improbable comeback win against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday. Pistons fans are excited, Detroit Bad Boys is excited, and we want to hear from you.

As I hope everyone is aware, Detroit Bad Boys recently dusted off the infrequent dormant Detroit Bad Boys podcast with a renewed dedication to delivering you a weekly conversation about the NBA's most interesting team, in our unbiased opinion.

Through the stewardship of Ben and Jordan, we have a podcast our community deserves (available on iTunesStitcherBlog Talk Radio). But we're hoping to make the podcast even better, and that is where our readers come in. If you have a question, comment, concern or superlative regarding the Detroit Pistons, you could be featured on the podcast.

All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag #AskDBB. If you're not so much into that Twitter device then simply respond with a comment on this story using the #AskDBB hashtag (so we can find the questions easier).

Have a question about just how good Andre Drummond can be? Have concerns about the bench production? Are you wondering what happened to Stanley Johnson? Let the questions fly. The next podcast recording is Tuesday evening so act fast.