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'Shopping with DBB: Star Wars

Everyone here likes the Pistons, and everyone likes Star Wars. What happens when they come together? You decide.

Christopher Daniels - DBB News
Christopher Daniels - DBB News

Everyone who "likes" the Pistons on Facebook will be aware from the barrage of photoshops that the Palace is having a "Star Wars" night this Saturday. My mind got to thinking about the theme myself and I remembered a 'shop I did over the summer, where Brandon "Broda" Jennings teaches a young Reggie "Skywalker" Jackson the ways of The Swag.

I was going to come up with something new to coincide with the promo but thought I'd actually open up the idea to you all. I've had some requests for photoshops in the past and thought it would fun to see ideas you guys came up with that I would then have to execute, which would be a pretty sweet challenge.

So with that I open things up to your Star Wars-meets-Pistons Photoshop ideas. Everything (SFW) is in bounds...all Episodes, all characters, everyone Pistons related. The most rec'd suggestion will become a finished photoshop I'll unveil in the next edition where I'll also introduce a new theme (I'm currently toying with Christmas).

Hit me with your best 'shop ideas in the comments below...