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J.J. Redick intentionally fouled Andre Drummond like he was climbing a jungle gym

But it was called as a simple personal foul.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

With 25 seconds left in the game on Monday night and the Pistons about to be up only two, 93-91, as Jamal Crawford's second free throw was mid-air, J.J. Redick started climbing Andre Drummond to intentionally foul him so that Drummond would have to shoot free throws on the other end.

Here it is via the dot com:

Um, okay. Of course, here it is to Ginuwine:

Drummond went on to only make one of two freebies, and you know what happens on the other side of the court...

I've been debating this foul with a friend of mine on Gchat and we don't agree on what this should fall under -- Is it a loose ball? Is it an under 2 minutes off-the-ball foul? Is it simply an "over-the-back" foul on a "rebound" attempt? Whatever it was technically, we both agree that it was blatantly intentional and bullshit and shouldn't be allowed.

UPDATE: For what it's worth, Stan Van Gundy took blame for even having Drummond in the game at that point:

"Yeah, the ball---Reddick fouls him while the ball is in the air so, they call it a loose ball foul and Andre (Drummond) goes down---he's trying to rebound the ball so he's technically in the play. It's my fault, I should have had him out of the game."