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Brandon Jennings to return to Pistons via Grand Rapids Drive

The long awaited return of $WAG is upon us. Maybe.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015, at exactly 9:39pm Eastern Standard Time, the Twitter world was rocked of the news that Brandon Jennings could potentially be returning to basketball action via the NBA Development League this Saturday for the Grand Rapids Drive:

This tweet sent out by Jennings has since been deleted, but we managed to get a screenshot.  We can glean several important things from these precious few characters.

First, Jennings' return must be nearing, and he has been told to keep it quiet by team media relations and staff to avoid extra pressure, unless he was speeding up his own timetable.

Secondly, Jennings is willing to play in the D-League, an option which has been mooted in the past by various news sources.

Third, The Grand Rapids Drive have a game this Saturday actually, against the Iowa Energy, so he was just deleting a factually incorrect tweet. Either way, keep an extra lookout on this one to see if Jennings does indeed make his return or if this is just an arrow to the hearts of Pistons fans everywhere.