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DBB Podcast: Brandon Jennings, Reggie Jackson and the upcoming expectations

The podcast is back with Jordan and Ben Gulker.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

The podcast is back with Jordan Bellant and Ben Gulker flying solo for their first duet episodes. Listen to the power and dulcet voices dive into the Pistons big win against the Pacers, bench play, starter minutes, Brandon Jennings, Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond.

Jordan and Ben give their predictions on when Brandon Jennings will return to the team, which is looking closer and closer now given Jennings' now-deleted tweet suggesting he will be playing for the D-League Drive on Saturday. (For what it's worth, UPDATE: I failed to realize the Pistons play on Dec. 22 so I'll make that my prediction I'm sticking with my Dec. 23!)

Ben gets into what we're seeing from Reggie Jackson through 25-ish games, that the Pistons go as he goes. If we get All-Star Reggie, the Pistons tend to win. Is he an All-Star? He's certainly inconsistent and thus, so are the Pistons.

Additionally, the conversation hits on the team's upcoming schedule and the team's positioning in the Eastern Conference. Looking at the other contenders in the Eastern Conference, there are a handful of teams that have surprised Jordan and Ben (both good and bad). The conversation opens up to the team's future schedule and current position in the Eastern Conference.

There are other things sprinkled in, too, which makes for another great listen.

This episode can be found on iTunes and BlogTalkRadio. Make sure to subscribe so new episodes will be downloaded to your device as soon as they're uploaded.

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