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Pistons vs. Celtics, final score: Pistons eke out win, 119-116

The Detroit Pistons ran away multiple times, but the Boston Celtics kept fighting back. Pistons win, though.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons were able to eke out a win against their Eastern Conference and eternal rival Boston Celtics, 119-116. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope led the scoring for the Pistons with a career-high 31 points while Andre Drummond had 16 points and 12 rebounds.

The starters came out of the gate lifeless and it is evident in the box score. The Celtics were able to score 25 points in the first quarter while the Pistons could barely get 18. However, the bench and KCP would make up for it in the second quarter; KCP alone scored 10 straight points in the quarter. However, the highlight of the first half was Drummond ending the half with a half-court buzzer beater to help the Pistons win the quarter 37-27 and go up 55-52 at the half.

The Pistons looked like they were going to blow it open in the third quarter, going up by 11 at one point. KCP even did this to Amir Johnson:

However, Tyler Zeller would score 12 points and Isaiah Thomas ended the third with 28 points. The Pistons would end the quarter only up two, 85-83.

Then a very eventful fourth quarter happened. KCP would have a nice stretch of plays...

and the Pistons would lead by as many as 14. But then that beautiful man that used to play for the red, white and blue did his thing. Jonas Jerebko has not had a lot of opportunity to play in Boston of late, but he showed what he is capable of on Wednesday night:

Thankfully, Reggie Jackson, who had not been having a great game, decided to show up late. He would make a crucial decision to shoot the ball from deep when he heard Brad Stevens telling Thomas to foul him. He sank all three free throws and had another nice trip down the lane for a layup.

It was ugly at the end, with Thomas nearly swiping one inbound pass and Jared Sullinger corralling a rebound off a missed free throw at the end to put up a 75-footer that triggered flashbacks from the Memphis game, but the heave was wide and the Pistons took the win.

The Pistons went against a team they're fighting for a playoff spot in the East, a team that was ahead of them in the standings, and got the win. That puts the Pistons at 15-12 and moves them back into the playoffs. The Pistons have Thursday off before heading to Chicago to face "da Bulls".