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DBB at Freep: Don't expect a trade to fix Pistons bench

Sean Corp would like you all to temper expectations during the trade season.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

As you all know, Tuesday unofficially marked the beginning of NBA trade season and with that come the rumors (aka ROOMERS) and sources and hot pockets and the trade machine hypos (thinking about you, Ron!). Ryan Anderson? Heard anything about him?

Sean Corp's latest at the Detroit Free Press is there so you don't get your hopes up during this joyous season. In other analogies, don't ask for the Ford GT when you know Daddy's assets could probably only net him a Ford Fiesta.  And why give away any assets at all when you haven't test driven the car you already own at the shop?


Ironically, that improvement might come from the biggest source of trade rumors for the past 10 months - Brandon Jennings. Ever since the Pistons signed Reggie Jackson to a long-term deal it has been assumed Jennings would be shipped out at the first sign of a good deal. While he's finally set to come back from an Achilles injury in the next week or two, he's a tradeable player on an expiring contract. The Pistons, however, can't afford to move him.

Detroit's bench unit, while recently showing signs of life, is among the worst in the NBA. The team is in desperate need of a player who can find easier shots for the likes of Anthony Tolliver and Stanley Johnson as well as create a little of his own offense. Enter Jennings.

It's a really good read and appropriate given the holiday season (Santa Van Gundy had me giggling to myself at my desk!). Go read it, but come back and talk about it and any trades, if any, that might make sense in the comments below.