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Pistons vs. Bulls final score: Pistons win in FOUR friggin' OTs, 147-144

What a game, no really, what a game.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Both teams played hard. Man, they really did. This is an impossible quick recap to write quickly.

Y'all friends, I don't know where to start with this thing. If you don't already have League Pass, just buy that thing and rewatch it. It was one of the most Both Teams Played Hardiest things you're ever going to see.

We're going to start in a place I don't want to start. The refs must need new whistles after this thing. They called 70 fouls, 90 free throws, made a whole bunch of sketchy calls, and none of it seemed necessary. It wasn't a particularly physical game.

That foul trouble put Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond on the bench early, with Reggie playing just 11 first half minutes. That may have been for the best though.

The bench kept the team in the game through the fourth, primarily behind the efforts of one Stanley Johnson. The rookie put on his Back to the Future jacket, scoring 9 fourth quarter points. Meaning that he's going to be all awesome in the future, giving a flash as to what that entails. Screw it, I don't care if the analogy adds up. He was awesome and we've got a long way to go for recapping this game.

Derrick Rose missed a shot to put the game into overtime. Reggie Jackson missed a shot to put it into double overtime. I forget triple overtime, come on, whatever.

Detroit surged ahead once the game started in the Pistons' first quadruple overtime since the 1951-52 season. Drummond and Jackson led the charge. They jumped up early after the pair was all over the place. Jimmy Butler did his best to pull back, but seven points with three minutes to go was too much.

But it might also have helped that the refs were bored of pulling for the Bulls, because it was then that the Pistons finally got a few calls. Jackson nailed a floater, also got a weak foul called to put the Pistons up seven. After a Rose jumper, Jackson got a kinda questionable three free throws to keep things apart.

But the Pistons didn't need any zebras to drive the nail in the coffin, as we saw a glimpse of what the Pistons offense might truly one day be when Kentavious Caldwell-Pope sunk his dagger three after the ball moved from the middle, to the left, to the right. It was great.

Seriously though friends, find a way to watch this one. It may be the best Pistons win I've ever seen.