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Benny the Bull says it all in Pistons-Bulls FOUR OT game

Pistons win 147-144.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
The Bulls' mascot had a great reaction to four overtimes and then he imitated the young guys and Pistons fans after the 147-144 win.

The Pistons scored 22 points in the first three overtimes. They scored 20 (!!) in the fourth. 13 of those were by Reggie Jackson, age 25. Andre Drummond (22) had a bucket to start the frame. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (22) hit a triple. Marcus Morris (26) made the other basket. The Bulls dropped 17 points in the fourth overtime frame. 13 were by 26-year-old Jimmy Butler. Nikola Mirotic (24) and Derrick Rose (27) scored the other baskets. The Pistons were built for FOUR overtimes, so while some reacted like Benny the Bull at first, the Pistons then broke into the worrrrrrrm.