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Pistons Links: Pistons-Bulls doing their 4OT thing, a Dennis Rodman 30-20 video and more

Darnit, we have to wait until Tuesday for the next Pistons game. Can't. Wait. That. Long. Links ahead.

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Many of us will remember Friday's Pistons vs. Bulls game for quite some time. Though there's a lot of moments to remember, I'll make an effort to keep Stanley Johnson's excellent fourth quarter stretch in my mind. The rookie played so well I really expected Van Gundy to find him more playing time in the overtimes, and actually Van Gundy said he 'probably' should have left Stanimal in the game based on the way he was playing. SVG chalked up the choice to leave Stanimal on the bench to having trust/faith in Caldwell-Pope. Fair enough. We all know what KCP did -- he drained that deeeeep trifecta from Okemos during the second OT.

If you didn't catch any of the game, at the very least watch the highlights we've posted on DBB. Or watch the entire thing, we insist. As Steve Hinson immediately after the game wrote, "Seriously though friends, find a way to watch this one. It may be the best Pistons win I've ever seen."

On to the links.

Pistons, Bulls light up scoreboard in 4OT thriller -- ESPN

Bold is my emphasis (though the whole section should be in bold).

Andre Drummond went to work in the paint with 33 points and 21 boards. He is the first Piston with 30 points and 20 rebounds in a game since Dennis Rodman in 1991. Drummond, Rodman and Bill Laimbeer are the only Pistons with 30-20 games over the past 30 seasons.

Drummond is also the first player with a 30-point, 20-rebound performance on the road in Chicago since Larry Bird in 1980-81. Over the past three decades, there have been seven 20-rebound games against the Bulls, and Drummond has five of them.

The last Piston to go 30/20 before last night? Dennis Rodman. Here's what it looked like (Video) -- Detroit Sports Nation

Yes, definitely check out the video on Detroit Sports Nation of Dennis Rodman dominating the Nuggets in 1991.

While Drummond had the benefit of four overtime periods to boost his stats and claim a new career-high, Dennis Rodman wasn't exactly advantage-free. Detroit's opponent that evening was the 6-23 Denver Nuggets, in the midst of a two year experimental disaster under the tutelage of famed guru-of-go Paul Westhead.

Bulls suffer grueling defeat in 4 OT (!!!) loss to Pistons -- Blog A Bull

It's weird to say considering this was about as bonkers of a game you'll ever watch in the NBA, but this game got pretty repetitive. Once it reached OT, it essentially became one of Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler or Pau Gasol taking a shot out of pick-and-roll or isolation for the Bulls. And for the Pistons, they basically resorted to throwing the ball at the hoop -- sometimes purposefully as a pass, others as an ill-advised shot which turned into a pass -- and hoped Andre Drummond would dunk it.

Further on in the post the author rips head coach Fred Hoiberg. Below is just the beginning:

The minutes lead me to the one aspect of this game that I think should be taken very seriously amidst all the wonkiness: what the hell was Fred Hoiberg doing tonight? I've reserved judgment because I think a first-year coach, in the context of these Bulls, needs some time to figure things out, but I don't understand a number of his decisions tonight.

Reggie Jackson Satisfaction against Doug McDermott (courtesy of MCB tv - Youtube)

We already posted it quickly after the game but I'm going to again because I can't get enough of it...

Breaking down the parity in the East -- (Hang Time Blog)

Beyond the Cavs, no team has distinguished itself as a favorite to win a round or two in the playoffs. They all have reasons to believe in them and reasons to doubt them. Here's a rundown of Teams 2-10 in the East...

Do check the link out, there could be a quiz later.


Enjoy the weekend, all. And maybe take a break from watching hoops for a bit.