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Detroit Pistons vs. Phoenix Suns final score: Pistons close comeback in overtime, 127-122

What a game.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

None of this would have happened without the Pistons making a 21-2 run to close a 16-point Suns lead.

Things looked all set to limp to a close, where the Detroit Pistons took advantage of some tired legs from the Phoenix Suns early to jump out to an early lead, fueled by fast break points. But then the league's fastest team, one of the highest scoring ones out there, woke up. Or, the Pistons defense fell asleep.

The Pistons let a double-digit lead turn into a double-digit deficit behind some thoroughly soft defense. Eric Bledsoe got into the lane at will, the Suns showed off a passing exhibition and connected on half of their three point attempts. But that same defense helped initiate that 21-2 run.

Once the Pistons pulled it even, it turned into a game of two .500 teams with talent who were desperate to win. Brandon Knight hit a huge three pointer to put the Suns up by two. Then Andre Drummond, ANDRE DRUMMOND, hit a pair of clutch free throws to tie the game with just 14 seconds left. An Eric Bledsoe miss sent the game into overtime.

Detroit owned three-fifths of overtime. But, like in regulation, Knight hit another big three in overtime, which the Suns followed up with a big T.J. Warren bucket to keep the game in reach. Both defenses brought it down the stretch, leaving the Pistons with the higher point total.

Geez Louise. What a game.

Hey Hypnowheel, can you hypnotize Marcus Morris to think he's playing against the Suns every night? Morris was outstanding, scoring 22 points on just 10 shots with 14 rebounds, three assists, and two steals. He was also huge on the boards and defensive end down the stretch. He shut down a Warren fast break attempt to tie in overtime, came up with the board, then made another tough rebound to clinch the game with a pair of free throws.

Reggie Jackson was also huge for the Pistons. He struggled defensively on Bledsoe, but was outstanding on the offensive end with 34 points, including seven-for-seven from the free throw line, and 16 assists.

Andre Drummond...he's a mixed bag. He was his usual dominant self, making a 22 point, 12 rebound, two steal, and one block line look easy. That's what superstars do. But Phoenix implemented Hack-A-Drum which, along with his struggles from the post, contributed to just a 47 percent true shooting night.

Also of note for the Pistons was Ersan Ilyasova's 19 point first half.

With the win, Detroit pulls to 10-9. You'll get until Friday to let your blood pressure recover as the Pistons look for their first three game win streak since the first three games of the season against the Milwaukee Bucks.


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