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'Shopping with DBB: Christmas time is here

Just about everyone who visits here likes the Pistons, and pretty much everyone at least tolerates Christmas. What happens when they come together? You decide!

Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels

Ready or not, Christmas is approaching with all the subtlety of a 7 ton, extremely flatulent, tinsel and ornament bestrewn elephant in the room. Everyone has memories of the day itself and the days leading up to it, just as we all have memories attached to our beloved Pistons. If you throw them together in your mind and let them roll around a little what comes out?

I've offered up an example, a play on the classic holiday story, with Andre Drummond in the starring role: How The Grinch Ate My Lunch. While we all know he is actually far from the brooding brutish bully The Grinch was, Andre certainly is quite stingy with rebounds, and all the Whos in Whoville would certainly know that if they ever cared to tangle with him on the basketball court.

So now it's your turn to let us know what your active and hopefully twisted imaginations come up with. Anything and everything holiday and Christmas related is in bounds, as of course are all things Pistons. Most rec'd suggestion will be photoshopped and presented in the next edition. But before we get to the comments let's wrap up last weeks edition...

Which was...Star Wars (I just saw the new one last spoliers here but it was a pretty awesome piece of work). There wasn't one clear favorite in the comments so I took the liberty of cobbling together a few of the favorite ideas and the one scene suggested by he of the awesome wit and double consonents, garrettelliott:

Holographic Tom Gores saying, "Help me, Stan Van Gundy. You’re my only hope."

I combined that with the comment from Sean Corp (whose Revenge of the Jith image was actually tied for most rec'd!*) who suggested Reggie Jackson as Luke Skywalker and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as KC3PO:

Help me SVG

Please enjoy and definitely provide ideas for us to choose from and rec for the 'Shopping with DBB: Christmas time is here winner, and subsequent image, in the comments below...

(P.s...the next theme I'm toying with: Superheroes)

*The other most rec'd was courtesy of Laimbrane but was a .gif and I didn't have time to figure out how to make them (yet!)