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Reggie Jackson's teammates send congratulations on Twitter for second Player of the Week award

Brandon Jennings, Andre Drummond and others took to Twitter to support and congratulate Reggie Jackson on his second Eastern Conference Player of the Week award.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

For the fourth time in eight weeks a Detroit Pistons player has been named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week. This was Reggie Jackson's second award this year, tying him with Andre Drummond. His teammates took to Twitter to congratulate him:

Jackson had a pretty funny response to that. I'll let you think of it what you will:

Anthony Tolliver also showed Jackson some love:

And Reggie had the best team answer you could have:

Spencer Dinwiddie also showed a little love:

But then you have Brandon Jennings. As I've said multiple times, this is not the person I thought Jennings was when he came to the Pistons. I was expecting someone with a major ego that cared more for himself than his team. Someone that would not settle for a spot on the bench, let alone saying he isn't even deserving of the second unit spot yet. He went all out in his support of Jackson:

Stanley Johnson even retweeted the one above.

He also threw in some love for whom I can only assume is Drummond.

It is so great to see this team with so much chemistry. It really feels they are all rooting for each other. Heck, on an off topic note, Drummond even had a tweet where he told Jordan Bachynski that he sees what he's doing over in the European league. No, he is no longer with the team, but it just shows the care and leadership this team has.

Again, congratulations from the Detroit Bad Boys team to you Reggie Jackson. Keep it up.