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Stan Van Gundy says Brandon Jennings is 'ready to go'

After an 11-month hiatus Stan Van Gundy gives Jennings the go-ahead, but specifics on his return still remain in question.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jennings is ready to start playing basketball for the Detroit Pistons again.

"I think he's ready," Van Gundy told reporters Monday. "Our decision now -- Steve [Blake] has been playing well, and our bench has actually been good the last three games -- it's a matter of timing and when we want to go to him. He's ready to go now."

So although he's "ready,"  questions remain in decisions on when exactly he'll start back and in what capacity, as the primary or secondary back up point guard.

"It’s a tough thing to weigh; it’s a dilemma a little bit," Van Gundy said. "Brandon has looked good."

One thing that has been made clear though is if Jennings is moved into the primary back up spot Steve Blake gives the move his blessing:

"That was an understanding of mine coming here," said Blake, who is averaging 4.4 points and 3.1 assists this season. "Coach Van Gundy and I talked about that. When he [Jennings] comes back, the chance of me going to the bench and him playing at some point was an understanding of mine. When that time comes, that's fine with me.
"It's a team thing. I don't see him and I as a competition. We're teammates playing against other people."

It's obviously yet to be seen if Jennings will return as anywhere near the on the court force he was when he went down with a ruptured left Achilles almost 11 months ago, but he has said and done all the right things over the course of his rehabilitation. Now it's up to Stan and his staff to decide how and when his off the court preparations turn to on the court contributions.