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Pistons links: Andre Drummond's journey here, Brandon Jennings timetable update and more

The big man did his part Wednesday night and did he ever have a ton of help from his friends, too. Links time!

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

'Geez Louise' is so right, stealing the words from our Steve Hinson in the Pistons-Suns game recap.

It was a Ersan Ilyasova scoring 17 first half points game, a Reggie Jackson SATISFACTION game, a Andre Drummond knocking down big free throws game and a hobbled Marcus Morris beast mode game -- hell, it was just one of those games.

These Pistons often sure do make the basketball watching experience quite an experience.

What are they going to do next?

Beat the Bucks by 40 on Friday?  Lose to the Bucks by 40?

Now on to the links. [Ed. note: Look for Jamie's take at 11!]

Pistons' Jackson displays why he's cut above the rest -- Detroit News

Never will get tired of SVG's real talk.

"When he's (Jackson) really aggressive and decisive and just goes, he's a damn good player. He made a lot of plays tonight."

From Project to Pillar: Pistons' Andre Drummond dominating in the middle -- (Lee Jenkins)

Drummond and others remember the jeers at the Middlesex Y from players and parents of players who believed his prodigious gifts were being squandered. You're tall for nothing ... You should pick another sport ... You can't walk and chew gum.

He didn't disagree. "It was hard to watch me play," Drummond says. "I was all over the place, tripping over myself, falling on the court, throwing up air balls." He was cut from his middle school team in seventh grade and cried on the bus ride home. "Back then, everybody was telling me, ‘You're terrible, you suck, you should be so much better than you are.' It took a toll. I went through a period where it was really depressing.

The comment at the end of the article from beefmasterking is the cherry on top.

Brandon Jennings counting the days now until injury return --

Jennings got up to 205 pounds during a summer of upper-body work, and when asked what he weighs today, replied, "I don't know, man -- I look good."

He said his immediate work focus is strengthening his left calf and practice, the latter of which has been fleeting. Between the Thanksgiving holiday, four games in six days through Monday, and a weekend travel disruption which forced cancellation of a Saturday practice, the Pistons' last full practice was Tues., Nov. 27, eight days ago.

That will be resolved some this week, with full practices tentatively scheduled Thursday and Saturday.

"Tired of shooting by myself," Jennings said. "Tired of not having anyone to play one-on-one against."


Pistons upcoming schedule offers plenty of reasons to be thankful -- DBB

Very worth a look if you didn't get a chance to digest it since the weekend.

NBA Draft 2016: Early look at international prospects -- DBB (FanPost)

It's never too early...


Sweet Thursday to you all out there. And if you haven't already, take your SATISFACTION to another level and buy a Reggie Jackson jersey or two. That cat can be damn incredible.  And it's the holidays.