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Stan Van Gundy: 'We bring nothing defensively'

No defense. No holds barred.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed the Pistons' third straight loss, a 108-96 loss at the Madison Square Garden, you didn't miss much. You certainly didn't miss any defense ... or maybe you did miss it. As is usually the case after an ugly loss, Stan Van Gundy had no problem calling out his team after the game:

"Every quarter 25 (points) or more in every quarter. We bring nothing defensively...nothing. I think Marcus (Morris) competed against Carmelo Anthony and nobody else brought anything.

"Like I said, there was not one stretch in that game where we played defense."

The Knicks shot 54 percent (50 percent from three). The Pistons' defense was so bad that a decent offensive game passing (21 assists) and 37-percent shooting from the three-point line went to waste. It was the Pistons' first loss of the season when shooting above 35 percent from the long ling (11-1).