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Nick Young ejected after shoving Anthony Tolliver

Nick Young will always be Nick Young and this is totally a Nick Young thing to do.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers' Nick Young did his Nick Young thing, getting ejected in garbage time of another blowout Lakers loss after delivering a hard two-armed shove to Anthony Tolliver.

The Detroit Pistons were cruising to an easy 111-91 win against the Lakers when Nick Young entered in garbage time. Apparently, being Nick Young and all, isn't accustomed to things like "effort" and "hustle" and "trying" and so was apparently totally shocked when Anthony Tolliver wasn't going to let him get an easy dunk.

Tolliver fouled Young - a simple, not-at-all malicious foul, mind you -- but Young was quite upset. He acted super tough until Marcus Morris bear-hugged him and suddenly Young remembered he valued his life. Tolliver did nothing to provoke things any further and cooler heads eventually prevailed.