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In the memetime: Kobe Bryant's ceremonius exit brings us round 3

Back by popular demand, the meme contest you all love and cherish, now with new rules also by popular demand. This time around use this space to bemoan, belove, berate, belabor, behold all that is Kobe Bryant as he played the Pistons for the final time.

AP Photo | Mark J. Terrill
AP Photo | Mark J. Terrill

For those unaware of this increasingly cherished, muy divertido feature here at Detroit Bad Boys, In the memetime is where we select an image and invite you to come up with the funniest caption for the image, with the winner being selected by the tried-and-true method of counting recs. In an unexpected turn of events in our last edition our early rules were called into question: was it fair to pit one lone DBB wolf against the sheer brainpower of the entirety of the rest of DBB, staffers and readers alike? So we turned inward, reflected and realized that it is the readers that matter most, so we threw caution to the wind and we decided to make it a cage match style free-for-all, where DBB Staff and readers alike pit themselves against one another and only one (maybe two) can survive. Before we present you, dear readers, with your latest challenge, we will show you the winner and runner-up from round 2 in meme form:

Round 2: Anthony Tolliver and grandma RESULTS

First the original image via @KollinCurrie:


Next we have first runner up, with 13 recs, IamPAP:

Tolligranny winner2

And finally the winner, with 15 recs, Hybrid256:

Tolligranny winner 1

Congrats Hybrid256 and IamPAP, well done! Use your newfound confidence and vigor to comment on the next round's image!

Round 3: Kobe Bryant's ceremonius exit

And now, onto this edition's image in honor of the Kobe Bryant's final visit to the Palace, a glorious defeat.

Photo AP/Mark J. Terrill:

Kobe final game

Use this simple contest as a way to creatively give homage to the man, the myth, the legend, both in the NBA and in his own mind. Do you come here to bury Kobe, or to praise him?

As always, do your worst, impress your friends and family. Here is your chance, don't let them down. Produce your shot at a winner in the comments below...