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Andre Drummond stares into your soul for 68 glorious seconds

Andre Drummond wanted to support teammate Reggie Jackson during his post-game interview. And we see something special.

Andre Drummond is an odd fellow. He is a silly guy, and a natural ham, but he also seems to be somewhat of an introvert and shy away from the spotlight. That's why when he does something it's often a little off center, a little subversive, but always in a playful way.

Well, Dre decided he wanted to spend a little camera time during a Reggie Jackson post-game interview staring straight through the camera and into your heart. Though wielded by a total incompetent (that's me), I was able to use cutting-edge technology to get at the heart of what makes Drummond tick.

After being named an Eastern Conference All-Star game starter, I can't wait for him to keep the stare going for three solid minutes.