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NBA trade rumors: Pistons still interested in adding Norris Cole

Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower are reportedly still inquiring about the Heat point guard.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We've been here before. It was earlier reported that the Pistons were interested in acquiring Norris Cole from Miami, and that Jonas Jerebko had been offered for the struggling point guard, only to have Pat Riley add Danny Granger to the deal, subsequently severing communications between both teams. However, ESPN's Marc Stein believes that the Pistons are still interested in the defensive minded point, and could agree to a deal if Granger is dropped from the conversation.

DBB's Sean Corp had this to say of the original trade speculation regarding both teams:

The 26-year-old Cole is shooting 38 percent on the year, has a 47 percent career true shooting percentage and has never been much of a ball handler with the Heat. He's been an adequate  3-point shooter before this season so if you squint really hard you can see how he might sort of make sense for Detroit.

But, honestly, I'm not seeing anything that tells me his defense is nearly good enough to make up for his putrid offense, and he wouldn't be a good enough ball handler to help get other guys open looks, and that is what Detroit needs around Jodie MeeksAnthony Tolliver and Caron Butler or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or Kyle Singler.

Are the Pistons still looking to add Cole, or is Marc Stein trying to revive a defunct trade rumor? The Detroit Free Press' Vince Ellis reports that Stan Van Gundy and the Pistons are 'quiet on the trade front' and that the Pistons coach doesn't expect to make any moves prior to the deadline.

Would you rather see the Pistons trade for Cole, or stand pat?