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NBA trade rumors: Stan Van Gundy says 'there's nothing imminent' but could still make a deal for playoff push

Nothing is in the works now, but a short-term deal to ensure playoff contention could still be in the cards. What exactly are the Pistons doing at the deadline?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few days, the Pistons have been linked in one way or another to the Brooklyn Nets' Joe JohnsonMiami Heat's Norris ColeSacramento Kings' Jason Thompson &  Derrick Williams, even the Utah Jazz's Trey Burke, yet, amidst the chatter, Stan Van Gundy insists that "there isn't a lot going on right now". You can infer that the first-year Pistons Head of Basketball Operations probably discussed a Joe Johnson trade given all the fire, and was probably quick to dismiss it, as he explained to MLive's David Mayo:

"We've probably talked to 20 teams about 30 different possibilities, we've talked to just about everybody. Everybody on our roster has been mentioned some time. There's nothing imminent. There's nothing we're really working on, trying to zero in on. We've basically said no to everything, or other people have said no, so we're not really anywhere along the spectrum."

While Van Gundy has veraciously hammered home the point that the Pistons will not give up current or future assets for a bad contract or short-term rental, he let on that he is hoping to "do something for the present" and trade for a player that would help Detroit's playoff push. A somewhat contradictory statement to earlier comments suggesting he would rather not concentrate on the playoffs, Stan seems to have changed his mind regarding the team's stance on developing young talent and trading away assets.

That being said, trading away a player that is not in SVG's future plans paints a grim future for Jonas Jerebko and Luigi Datome, who have consistently seen their names included in trade speculation. Despite believing the current roster has enough to make the playoffs, Van Gundy seems to want to make a move at the deadline to assert himself as a basketball executive, such tactics can easily backfire, and he knows it. Hopefully, he doesn't force anything that could potentially damage the Pistons' short and long-term goals.

"Now, it's my responsibility to do things right. I think we've got some good things going for us, and the last thing you want to do is start making bad deals, and sacrificing assets, and making bad deals that you're going to regret later on."

Is there a specific move you'd like to see the Pistons make prior to the deadline?