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NBA trade rumors: Joe Johnson is on the block, but probably not being traded to Pistons

The NBA trade deadline is 3 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We already went over a Joe Johnson trade on Tuesday, and why it doesn't make any sense, but just when we thought this would be another dead deadline rumor, more smoke appeared on Wednesday night.

Stu Jackson, who was a finalist to be Stan Van Gundy's General Manager, cited his sources that the Pistons were pitching an offer to the Brooklyn Nets for Joe Johnson:

MySportsLegion on Twitter rubbed some more sticks together shortly thereafter:

Joe Johnson admitted he's on the block, but NetsDaily's sources still claim there's nothing to the above rumors. Stan Van Gundy said the Pistons have talked to 20 teams about 30 different possibilities, so it's certainly possible the Pistons have talked to the Nets about a trade involving Joe Johnson, but talk is talk and there's nothing wrong with talking about possibilities so long as real offers aren't being tossed around.

Van Gundy has mentioned that nothing is imminent and he's not going to mortgage the future for a a better chance at a playoff spot this year. While a smaller deal could go down at the deadline, a blockbuster trade for Joe Johnson most likely will not. IME.

Now your thoughts.