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NBA trade rumors: Pistons linked to Jarret Jack, may have cooled on Norris Cole

The 10-year veteran has one year left on his contract.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons reportedly contacted the Brooklyn Nets about Joe Johnson's availability. This much seems clear. When this happened or how seriously the Pistons were interested is up for debate, but it seems the Pistons might also be looking at Nets guard Jarrett Jack, according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst.

Jack, 31, makes more sense from a financial perspective. While Johnson is owed nearly $25 million in 2015-16, Jack will make just $6.3 million next season, with a team option for the same in 2016-17.

The Pistons also have repeatedly been linked with Miami Heat point guard Norris Cole. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press tweeted there's not actually much interest from Detroit, but the national media is hearing something different:

Perhaps the Heat are floating the Pistons name out there in hopes of driving up Cole's value? It's hard to say. But it does seem clear that the Pistons are looking for an upgrade over John Lucas III at the backup point guard spot. Cole might not be that -- especially from an offensive perspective -- but Jack is. A 10-year veteran, Jack has shot .350 from 3-point range for his career.

He'd leave the Pistons with a logjam at point guard next year, depending who they'd have to give up to get him, but Brandon Jennings, D.J. Augustin and Spencer Dinwiddie are versatile enough to see time at shooting guard if need be.

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