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Tayshaun Prince wasn't exactly happy about trade, was expecting buyout from Boston Celtics

The Detroit Pistons swung a trade Thursday with the Boston Celtics to acquire Tayshaun Prince that left Prince's head spinning.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When Joe Dumars signed free agent Chauncey Billups in the 2013 offseason, it was for veteran leadership, guard mentoring, and a chance for him to retire in Detroit red, white and blue, like he should. It appears that the trade to bring Tayshaun Prince back to the D was for actual rotational purposes and not a curtain call. However, Tayshaun was seeking a buyout from the Boston Celtics in order to sign with a championship contender. Stan Van Gundy already said, though he understands why Prince was trying to figure out 'what the hell happened', there will be no buyout from Detroit.

On Saturday, Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press shared some telling quotes from Stan Van Gundy on a Prince buyout:

"That's not my decision," Van Gundy said. "In other words the reason Boston made the trade was to save money. We're paying Tayshaun more money. If he was going to get bought out, he should have done it in Boston. They should have let him be bought out. That's not on me to buy him out. That was not part of the deal.

"We weren't told of this until after we made the trade by Tayshaun's agent and the whole thing."

"Why would we trade guys who were making less money to take on more money to waive the guy?" Van Gundy said. "That would have been the dumbest personnel move ever. It's not on us. I understand he didn't get what he wanted.

"But the question you're asking should be asked of (Celtics general manager) Danny Ainge. Not of us."

Also mentioned in the article is that Prince would be arriving Saturday night and take his physical Sunday morning. He was allowed to stay in Sacramento with the Celtics and travel back with them to Boston.

One "concern" I have heard from some fans is the possibility of Tayshaun going the way of Andrei Kirilenko of the Philadelphia Sixers. The Sixers officially waived Kirilenko on Saturday. He was traded by the Brooklyn Nets to the Sixers back in December and never reported to the team. As long as Prince reports to the Pistons, I believe we can avoid that situation.

Van Gundy said after Saturday's practice that due to Prince's late arrival and the early game on Sunday it's unlikely he will play vs. the Wizards.