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NBA power rankings roundup, Week 17: Pistons fresh from break

The Detroit Pistons had a short week thanks to the All-Star weekend. However, they won both of their games and climb the Power Rankings.

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Sadly, due to personal reasons, I have missed a month and a half of Power Rankings Roundup. My sincerest apologies. However, as things have started to slow down, I hope to get these out the rest of the season. Here we go!

Last Week: 22

This Week: 21

Stan Van Gundy will not give up on getting the Pistons into the playoffs. Landing Reggie Jackson was a bold move, especially with both Greg Monroe and Jackson getting ready to hit restricted free agency. Whatever happens, Reggie doesn't look like he'll be shy. He put up 18 shots for 17 points in his debut for Detroit.

Or, maybe he'll just take the qualifying offer next year?

Last Week: 20

This Week: 15

The All-Star break came at the right time for the Pistons, who entered it on a 4-7 slide and emerged with Reggie Jackson and two impressive Ws. Not sure what Jackson's arrival means for Brandon Jennings -- on top of Greg Monroe's uncertain future -- but the present just got a lot more promising.

Woah, quite a jump! But I agree, the Pistons needed a break. With one of the more brutalizing schedules due to the most back-to-back games, they needed a break. Here's to hoping they have enough in the tank to finish out the season strong.

Last Week: 22

This Week: 18

The Pistons, who are eyeing the playoffs, will be looking for a serious boost from newly acquired Reggie Jackson.

Though I do not expect it, I'm hoping for it.

Last Week: 21

This Week: 19

The Pistons are getting what Stan Van Gundy wants more and more, and Reggie Jackson gives them a talent boost. They're still -- improbably, unbelievably -- in the playoff hunt.

Let's hope that talent boost becomes more efficient. Going 7-for-10 in the second half is encouraging, especially with how "excited" he was in the first half. But as it stands right now, the Pistons are only a half game out of the eighth playoff spot.

Last Week: 20

This Week: 19

They now have the complicated task of keeping Reggie Jackson and Greg Monroe happy.

Do they? Mike Payne brought up some scary thoughts in the comments about the Pistons possibly already offering Jackson $14.5 million a year. If that is the case, Monroe should get more than that. But if the Pistons make the playoffs, do you think Tom Gores would be willing to go into the luxury tax for one year to keep both?

Last Week: 18

This Week: 14

The Pistons have come out of the break strong, coming back from double-digit deficits to beat both the Bulls and Wizards. Reggie Jackson had a rough start to his debut on Sunday, both on the court (where he missed his first eight shots) and off it (where he lost his lunch). But Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (26 points, six threes) picked up the slack.

Oh if only KCP was always that efficient. When the Pistons face Cleveland on Tuesday, it will be the third straight team they have faced with 33 or more wins...can they make it three such wins in a row?


Sadly, during my absence, I missed this power rankings comments on CBS:

They will not go quietly into the night (have won three of their last four including a win over the Rockets). They will not vanish without a fight. They're going to survive. They're going to live on. (Just two games back of the eighth seed.) Today, they declare their Stan Van Gundy Day.

I now want a video of Pistons highlights with Bill Pullman in the background saying these exact words. GIVE IT TO ME INTERWEBZ!

Weekly Forecast

Remember, these are the results we want, not what they are likely to be.


  • Golden State at Washington - Golden State
  • Cleveland at Detroit - Detroit, DUH!
  • Indiana at Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City
  • Toronto at Dallas - Dallas


  • Miami at Orlando - Orlando
  • Dallas at Atlanta - Dallas
  • New York at Boston - New York
  • Charlotte at Chicago - Chicago
  • Philadelphia at Milwaukee - Philly
  • Washington at Minnesota - Minnesota
  • Brooklyn at New Orleans - New Orleans


  • Golden State at Cleveland - Golden State


  • Cleveland at Indiana - Cleveland
  • Washington at Philadelphia - Philly
  • Orlando at Atlanta - Atlanta
  • Charlotte at Boston - Boston
  • New York at Detroit - Detroit, DUH!
  • Golden State at Toronto - Golden State
  • Minnesota at Chicago - Minnesota
  • Brooklyn at Houston - Houston
  • Miami at New Orleans - New Orleans


  • Detroit at Washington - Detroit, DUH!
  • Atlanta at Miami - Atlanta
  • Toronto at New York - New York
  • Brooklyn at Dallas - Dallas
  • Milwaukee at Utah - Utah


  • LA Clippers at Chicago - LA Clippers
  • Cleveland at Houston - Houston
  • Golden State at Boston - Golden State
  • Philadelphia at Indiana - Philly
  • Charlotte at Orlando - Orlando

Now, if this all were to come to pass ... the Pistons would be in the seventh seed. My gosh! I would not have figured that after starting 5-23.