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NBA free agents 2015: Warriors intent on keeping Draymond Green

Warriors owner Joe Lacob was careful with his words but let it be known that he's intent on keeping his core of young players together -- which includes re-signing soon-to-be restricted free agent Draymond Green this summer. From an interview with the always great Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated:

“I have to be careful, because the NBA has a rule now, can’t make claims like, ‘Don’t go after Draymond.’ All I will say is if you know us, we’re really trying to build around our draft. We really have been very good at a few drafts. And our core of young players is what we need to build around. We’re very fortunate. We have what everybody wants now. Steph, 26, Klay, 24, Draymond, 25, Harrison, 22. Four key great young talents that are really at the core of what we’re doing, obviously supplemented by the Boguts and Lees and the guys who are a little older.

"It would take a lot to not sign our core players. Does that answer your question?”

Green, a Saginaw native and Michigan State alum, reportedly has "significant interest" in signing with the Detroit Pistons this summer. The Pistons will have salary cap space to make a significant offer, but their interest in Green may depend on their success at convincing Greg Monroe to re-sign.