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Detroit Pistons on social media: How you can follow their every move

In the days of social media, it has become exceptionally easy to follow the every move of the rich and the famous.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Firstly, I'd just like to apologize: Of all the Pistons who were on the roster at the start of the season, the six that I didn't follow on Twitter were D.J. Augustin (because he doesn't have it), Josh Smith (likewise), Kyle Singler, Tony Mitchell, Jonas Jerebko and Gigi Datome.  Since then, all these players have been shipped out.  I apologize for the losses of Singler, D.J. and Jonas, it is all my fault, I am prepared for the hate, but rest assured, I have taken the adequate steps and followed Brandon Jennings and Reggie Jackson (yay?).

So here are our players' social media sites so you too can take these preventative measures to make sure your favorite player doesn't leave the team in the future:


Joel was born in the era of letter-writing, telegrams and Morse code.  He obviously doesn't have an Internet connection up in Canada (sorry Garrett).


Twitter: @realtuffjuice

Instagram: @caronbutler

Caron's social media feeds are usually inspirational quote-related.  Drawing from his troubled upbringing in Milwaukee, he uses his social profile to provide hope and encouragement to the next generation of dream-chasers.


Twitter: @CaldwellPope

Instagram: @caldwellpope

Any time KCP is active on social media is cause for a national holiday.  He averages a solid three weeks in between Instagram photos, and his last tweet, not including All-Star Weekend, was December 31.  Still, if you like the guy, and don't want him to suffer like Jonas and Kyle, throw him a follow.


Twitter: @SDinwiddie_25

Instagram: @sdinwiddie_2508

After a flaming start to the social media season, Spencer has dropped off the face of the planet.  Perhaps he's put more effort into his game as he comes to terms with an increased role, but his last tweet was January 31, and his last Instagram photo was three weeks ago.  That's why he was able to shut down Derrick Rose.


Twitter: @AndreDrummondd

Instagram: @andredrummondd

Andre is easily the team's social media MVP, as he is constantly active, maybe a little too active at times.  Still, he's worth a follow, and with him on Instagram, he'll always tell you when it's gameday!!


Twitter: @rjOKCson_15

Instagram: @minit21

Yes, he needs to change his Twitter handle, and his Instagram name is a little obscure, but Reggie is not very active socially anyway.  A lot of his Instagram is made up of endorsements, reposts and inspirational quotes, while he's too busy crying tears of joy over on Twitter to concentrate sending out a solid 140.


Twitter: @BrandonJennings

Instagram: @thedealer7

Yes, he is the dealer.  With him now being out for the season with injury, the majority of his social media activity is rehab updates and commentary on the state of the NBA (which can cause some serious debate amongst his followers).  Also, as a bonus, if you enjoy R&B and rap music, go follow him on SnapChat (@thedealer3).


John Lucas strikes me as an unsociable little guy who despises the outside world.  He does not interact.

Whoops, turns out he does have Twitter.

Twitter: @Luke1luk


Twitter: @CartierMartin

Instagram: @yaeyo20

Cartier Martin is the epitome of inactivity.  His last tweet was December 7, 2013, and his last Instagram post was Christmas time.  Unless you're a desperate Cartier fan, he's really not worth a follow.


Twitter: @Jmeeks20

Instagram: @jmeekstreypiece

A lot of Jodie's activity is in the form of throwback photos to his time in Kentucky, with the occasional generic "Go Pistons!!" post.  Interestingly enough, when Kobe Bryant went down with injury, Jodie was quick to send his former teammate the well-wishes.  When Brandon fell with an Achilles...*crickets.


Twitter: @qmillertime

Instagram: @qmillertime

The newest Piston is semi-active on social media, but I can't really say much about him here.


Twitter: @M10OSE

Instagram: @m10ose

The Moose is not very active on social media, probably because he is too busy learning a new post move.  When he does upload, it's usually to the tune of something about his faith in God or his charity events around Detroit.  Hopefully he uploads a photo of a fat cheque signed by Tom Gores in the summer time.


Yes, jolly old Tayshaun Prince uses social media.  And Kriz hates Greg Monroe, move on.


Twitter: @ATolliver44

Instagram: @atolliver44

Anthony Tolliver is a very faithful man.  His main hashtag is #IJNIP (in Jesus' name I play).  Therefore, his social media is littered with his faith in God, along with the occasional humorous video of his young son Isaiah.


Shawne is a newly acquired stretch 4 who began the season in Miami and was traded to New Orleans as part of the Dragic deal and subsequently waived.  He has no social media.


Twitter: @badboyskip

Instagram: @bquag23

Ben Quagliata, the 10-day contract signee, tweets about the NBA on a semi-regular basis, with occasional other sport mixed in.  On Instagram, you may actually discover what he really looks like, heavens forbid!!!

Who did you drop a follow to? Is it because you hope they aren't traded in the summer time?  Let us know below.