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The Alvin Gentry Trifecta

Totally redeemed himself!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This is admittedly kind of ... interesting? (via the recap):

Just before he concluded his postgame chat with the media, Kerr remembered one thing: Assistant coach Alvin Gentry had just defeated the three teams that fired him in successive games - the Clippers on Sunday, Phoenix on Monday and now Detroit.

"Very special night tonight, the rare trifecta for Alvin Gentry was reached tonight," Kerr said. "I believe it's never been done in NBA history. He just beat the three teams he was fired from as a head coach, consecutively. ... We're just going to call it `The Gentry, The Gentry Trifecta."'

All good things happen in threes as far as it concerns Steve Kerr and these Golden State Warriors.

Too bad it wasn't in the same order! Hah!

Alvin Gentry was fired midseason by the Pistons in 2000 after serving 145 games as their head coach. Despite being fired midseason, he still got the Los Angeles Clippers head coaching gig, which he held for two and a half losing seasons. From there, he went on to be an assistant for several seasons, but he was again put into head coaching in 2009 after the Phoenix Suns fired Terry Porter midseason. Gentry coached the Suns for four and half downward years before getting canned in 2013. Former Piston Lindsey Hunter took over for him.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Alvin Gentry history lesson.

Now your thoughts.