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NBA free agents 2015: Draymond Green not thinking about Pistons (yet)

Draymond Green won't let himself think about free agency while there's still a championship to play for in Golden State.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green, born and raised in Saginaw, Mich. before playing college ball at Michigan State, has been linked with the Detroit Pistons for a few months now. But the soon-to-be restricted free agent isn't ready to start thinking about what might happen in July so long as his championship aspirations in June are still alive. From the Detroit Free Press:

When asked if there was a part of him that yearned to return home, Green had short pause.

Then he responded forcefully: "Home is always home. It will always be home. But honestly I don't really even think about it because trying to win a championship is enough to think about on a daily basis. … So I don't have time to sit and think, 'Man, it would be great for me to go back home and play in Detroit, play in my home state.' I don't have time for that because I got one goal and that's to try to win a championship with the team that I'm on."

Unfortunately, any fans rooting for the Pistons to get Green this summer must root against him to succeed now, because if the Warriors do win a title (or even come close), it's hard to imagine Golden State letting him walk.

Also: Our friends at Golden State of Mind know Detroit is a real threat to poach Green, penning this interesting article titled "A look into the soul of Detroit: Understanding Draymond Green."

Stan Van Gundy interested? From

"Everybody needs that kind of guy," he said. "Everybody needs that kind of guy. Yes, absolutely, everybody needs those guys."