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Pistons vs. 76ers: Greg Monroe out again

This is the first time Moose has missed consecutive games due to injury in his career.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Will we ever see Greg Monroe in a Pistons uniform again?!? Okay... okay... We will. But it might not be until next week.

Monroe will miss his second straight game on Wednesday night against the Philadelphia 76ers, which is only the third game he's missed in his career due to injury. While he was in uniform and receiving treatment on Wednesday, he was officially ruled out about an hour before game time.

As for when Moose will return? (Via MLIVE):

Asked if he might play this weekend, when the Pistons host Chicago on Saturday then visit Boston on Sunday, Monroe shook his head.

"Maybe next week," he said.

Moose missed Tuesday night's game against the Grizzlies in which Reggie Jackson went off for a 20-20. After the game, Tayshaun Prince essentially attributed Jackson's success to Monroe being out, because Jackson had more room to work with without two bigs clogging the middle. I'll let you all debate on that.

Get well soon, Moose!