I'm saying there's a chance

Not a good chance, just a chance. Here's the remaining schedule for each team. Most of the W-L picks are based on record, so there will be some wins that should be L and some losses that should be wins. When it comes to the Pistons I gave them wins against the teams on this spreadsheet. That's not likely to happen, this is not a prediction of how the year will end just a look at what would realistically need to happen to make the playoffs. THIS IS NOT A PREDICTION.

Hornets Pacers Heat Celtics
3/23/2015 L @Chi L vs Hou W @Net
3/24/2015 L @Mil W vs Tor
3/25/2015 L vs Brk W @Was W@Bos L vs Mia
3/26/2015 L @Mil

3/27/2015 L @Was L @Atl W @NY
W @Orl
3/28/2015 W vs Alt

3/29/2015 W vs Dal W vs Det L vs LAC
L @Mia
3/30/2015 L vs Bos W @ Cha
3/31/2015 L @Brk L vs San
W vs Alt
4/1/2015 W vs Det L @Bos W vs Ind
L @Cha
4/2/2015 L @Cle
4/3/2015 L @Ind W vs Cha L vs Mil
L @Chi
4/4/2015 W vs Phi L @Det W @Tor
W vs Mia
4/5/2015 W vs Mia L @Ind
4/7/2015 L @Mia W vs Cha
4/8/2015 L vs Tor W @ NY L @ Det
W vs Bos
4/9/2015 L vs Chi
4/10/2015 L @Atl L @ Det L @ Cle
W vs Ind
4/11/2015 L vs Tor
4/12/2015 L @ Det L vs OKC L vs Cle l W vs Cha
4/13/2015 L vs Hou L vs Orl
W @Cle
4/14/2015 L vs Was L vs Tor
4/15/2015 L @Tor L @ Mem L @Phi L @ Mil
W vs NY
Total wins remaining as of 4-08-15 0 1 0 0
End wins 33 35 35 35

As you can see by the chart some of our opponents have a tough road ahead of them, some only look tough because I make them lose to us in the chart. However if you look through you'll see it is possible that we could sneak into the last spot. If we end the year tied with the Celtics and the Pacers we own the tie breakers.

DBB has become all about small samples and post/pre player numbers. DJ augustine is one of our best three point shooters... well post Josh, post Jennings, in games on tuesdays he is one of our best three point shooters. If that's they way we analyze our team then post Greg Monroe we have won 3 out of 4, Reggie Jackson has not had a bad game among them (Greg Monroe is better than Reggie Jackson) and we are starting to click. (I like Greg Monroe) I did not say Reggie has had amazing games each of the last 4, I did not say Reggie Jackson is the best point guard in the league but he's played well and I can see a lot of the positives Mr. Shinions alluded to. (I like Greg Monroe)

So what say you DBB,

CTBAAF: What are the chances of a commentor like you and a blog like me getting together and watching the pistons make the playoffs?

DBB: Not good

CTBAAF: Not good like 1 in a 100?

DBB: More like one in a million

CTBAAF: Oh I see...... So you're saying there's a chance!!!

I hate when Detroit fans actively want Detroit to lose. I hate it with all of my being. I don't hate the people, everybody has a right to their opinion, but I do hate the mentality. I'm a competitor. I played sports all my life and I will never let the "let's hope the people we love lose so I can have an unrealistic expectation for the next teenager to come in and save the franchise" mentality into my personality.

So the odds are 1 in a million you say? I've beat those odds before, I hope my team does too. I'll root for a win every game, even after we are eliminated from the playoffs. Who will root along with me?

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