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Pistons vs. Magic final score: Detroit claims 4th straight win in 111-97 victory in Orlando

Reggie Jackson had another triple double in the Pistons' 28th win of the season.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons continue climbing up the food chain with a 14-point victory in central Florida.  It started as a happy occasion for the Orlando natives, with Shaquille O'Neal being inducted into the Magic Hall of Fame before tip off.  After that, however, it went downhill for them, with Reggie Jackson and Tayshaun Prince...wait Tayshaun Prince?...yes, Tayshaun Prince, dominating.

Reggie Jackson became the first Piston since Grant Hill to have multiple triple doubles in a season, which is impressive considering Reggie has only been here for 17 games.  Tayshaun, on the other hand, ripped the Magic bench unit to shreds, showing some savvy veteran leadership to lead the team to victory.

The Good, Bad and Ugly


-- Reggie Jackson, despite assist-hunting at the end, did finish with a strong triple double.  Unlike his highly inefficient trip-dub in Philadelphia, Jackson tonight finished with 28 points (9-19 FG, 7-9 FT), 11 rebounds and 10 assists.

-- Tayshaun Prince showed us the benefits of Isolayshaun, destroying the Magic to the tune of 23 points (10-15 FG) and 7 rebounds (4 offensive).  The majority of his points were in post-up and mid range situations, as he got his jumper working early and it remained wet all night.

-- Free throws were a big part of the game, and not only did the Pistons get to the line, they were also effective in not fouling Orlando.  The Pistons were 20-27 (74%) from the line, and while the Magic did not miss a foul shot, they were only granted 8, showing they do not have a DeMar DeRozan clone on their team.

-- Turnovers.  The Pistons only had 7 while forcing 17 from Orlando.


-- Shawne Williams continues to look useless out there.  While I was a big advocate of his signing at the time, he has since proven to not be very good.  He was 0-3 tonight in 6 minutes, and did not register a statistical contribution in any other category.  His minutes could go to Quincy Miller and we would not notice the difference.


-- KCP really built himself a mansion tonight.  4-20 from the field, including 0-5 from distance.  He was lucky to hit double figures with 10 points, but he had one of his signature stinkers tonight.  He did contribute 5 rebounds and 4 steals to try and offset his backboard breaking chunkers, but overall, a game to forget.

Box Score

Next game is Sunday in Miami at 6PM EST.

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