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Stan Van Gundy calls this Pistons team one of the best group he's ever coached

Which might seem like a weird thing to read because the roster has changed significantly three times this season.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

There's a plethora of eras within this season's Detroit Pistons team, but some components and characteristics, have remained steady throughout.  It is those familiar bodies and the Pistons' evergreen never-say-die attitude that has Stan Van Gundy calling the 2014-2015 Pistons the best group of guys he's ever coached, which is high praise considering he took an Orlando Magic team to the NBA finals.

Read the entire story by Keith Langlois, but the takeaway quotes are below:

"I'll tell you what's kept me going is we've got a good group of guys who have continued to play hard even through that 5 and 23 start and turned it around and then we got to the trading deadline and made a move, which in terms of trying to develop chemistry held us back and we lost 10 in a row - but virtually all of those were close games," he said. "Guys hung in there and kept playing hard.

"So the group kept me going by how hard they've worked and how hard they've played and not giving up on anything." [...]

"I've struggled with (losing) - it's a lot of losses," Van Gundy said. "But you walk in every day and you've got a group of guys that are working hard and so you owe them your best every single day. They've been fantastic, especially the guys who have been here all year and been up and down on the roller coaster with us. They have been magnificent and, truly, it's been one of my best groups to coach, ever. It's been an honor to coach them. It hasn't always gone the way we wanted, but it's been a great, great group."

Van Gundy credits Caron Butler and Joel Anthony as the glue guys who kept everything together during the rough stretches. The Pistons most likely will not make the playoffs this year, but this team has been a breath of fresh air compared to the last several non-playoff teams. I'm still excited to see what the rest of the Stan Van Gundy era has in store for us as fans.