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2014-2015 NBA injuries: How injuries have ruined the NBA season

It's not been a good year for injury-free entertainment.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The news broke in the early hours Friday morning that Wesley Matthews of the Portland Trailblazers has ruptured his Achilles and is out for the season. The injury is one Pistons fans are sadly too familiar with, seeing Brandon Jennings suffer the same injury in the midst of playing the best basketball of his career.

But Matthews and Jennings are just two victim's of the NBA's punishing season, and one this year that has seen long-term injuries to several key players. While plenty of players will get little injuries over the course of a season, I cannot recall in my NBA watching days a season where there have been so many serious injuries to legitimate stars in the league.

A running list:

Player Injury Games Played
Ryan Anderson Knee 52
Carmelo Anthony Knee 40
Chris Bosh Chest 44
Kobe Bryant Shoulder 35
Alec Burks Shoulder 27
Jimmy Butler Elbow 55
Kevin Durant Foot 27
Joel Embiid Foot 0
Paul George Leg 0
Blake Griffin Elbow 51
Jrue Holiday Leg 37
Dwight Howard Knee 32
Brandon Jennings Achilles 41
Kendall Marshall Knee 28
Wesley Matthews Achilles 59
Josh McRoberts Knee 17
Shabazz Muhammad Finger 38
Steve Nash Back 0
Jusuf Nurkic Ankle 45
Jabari Parker Knee 25
Julius Randle Leg 1
Derrick Rose Knee 46
Jared Sullinger Foot 51
Mirza Teletovic Chest 40
Anderson Varejao Achilles 26
Kemba Walker Knee 42
Russell Westbrook Hand 46
Tony Wroten Knee 30

That's quite a list, and it includes seven All-Stars.  Most of these players are injured at the time of writing and will either not be back at all this season or still miss a fair chunk of time.

Some teams have been hit harder than others, and two traditional powerhouses in the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls have been particularly affected.

Team Players Injured

Derrick Rose (knee, out until at least April), Jimmy Butler (elbow, late-March),

Taj Gibson (ankle, mid-March)


Julius Randle (leg, season), Steve Nash (back, season), Kobe Bryant (shoulder, season),

Nick Young (knee, day-to-day), Ronnie Price (elbow, April)

Also, and I know that some people (*cough smichael69 *cough) don't like to rely on injuries to win, but the Houston Rockets may be shorthanded for Friday's matchup with the Pistons.  Dwight Howard has already been ruled out, but Patrick Beverley (foot), Terrence Jones (back) and Kostas Papanikolaou (ankle) are all questionable.

Injuries are a sad, yet unavoidable part of professional sports.  Let's hope the rest of the season is relatively smooth, Pistons players and otherwise; we just want good entertainment.