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Stan Van Gundy unhappy with team's effort on both sides of the ball

Since the All-Star break, Motown has lost five of seven

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After satisfying wins against the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls, the Pistons have dropped their last five, with the likes of Kevin Love, Andrea Bargnani, Marcin Gortat, Anthony Davis & James Harden torching them on defense. With all the length and defensive ability many on the Pistons' roster exudes, Stan Van Gundy doesn't understand why they've played so poorly on the defensive end of the ball. Per Terry Foster at The Detroit News:

"We should be a pretty good defensive team, we still have inconsistent focus and commitment on the defensive end and we probably need to know a little bit better what we are going to do but that comes with experience. We should be more committed on a consistent basis, we have the makings of a good defensive team. We are long. We got good quickness in the backcourt. We've got a guy in Andre that as he learns more and reacts better he can be a real defensive force. He is not where he needs to be. He knows that but he is working hard at that."

The Pistons, who are intent on making the playoffs this season, have received added production from a Jodie Meeks who was struggling to find his groove, but the Pistons traded away productivity that has been hard to replace, with everyone but Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe struggling and Spencer Dinwiddie still proving to be a work in progress. Motown has been struggling so far, and with a Western Conference road trip underway, the Pistons need to start focusing offensively and defensively if they want any chance to compete for or in the playoffs. Stan Van Gundy is at a loss for words with the funk that the team is experiencing, with the squad still training consistently.

"There are too many times when we are not locked in and focused. Applying our rules and applying our game plan is what we need to do. It is something we are working on."

The Pistons are now four games out of the eighth seed. If they want to have a taste of the playoffs, it's time for them to start playing like they mean it.