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Reggie Jackson ranked Top 25 point guard, according to ESPN; Brandon Jennings not listed

Once again tapping into their ESPN Forecast panel, ESPN ranked the Top 30 point guards this year. Reggie Jackson came in at 25 while Brandon Jennings was not listed.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The sports world is all about rankings. Who is ranked as the best team? Who is ranked as the best rebounder? Who is ranked as the best rookie? Well ESPN went to their Forecast panel again to rank the top 30 point guards in the NBA. Reggie Jackson came in at 25 (or bottom 6, depending on how you want to look at it) while Brandon Jennings wasn't even listed.

Now, one might argue that Jennings is not listed because he is out for the rest of the season with an Achilles tear. Another argument might be that it is because Stan Van Gundy has already labeled Jackson as the Pistons guard of the future. But how do their season with Detroit compare?

Stat Brandon Jennings Reggie Jackson
G 41 18
MPG 28.6 31.7
FG/36 6.7 7.7
FGA/36 16.7 18.2
FG% .401 .424
3P/36 2.3 1.3
3PA/36 6.5 3.8
3P% .360 .333
FT/36 3.7 3.2
FTA/36 4.4 3.8
FT% .839 .836
OREB/36 0.6 1.5
DREB/36 2.5 4.5
REB/36 3.2 5.9
AST/36 8.3 9.6
STL/36 1.4 0.7
BLK/36 0.1 0.2
TOV/36 2.8 3.5
PF/36 2.0 2.9
PTS/36 19.4 19.9
PER 19.8 19.9
TS% .522 .500
AST% 40.2% 48.8%
OWS 2.6 1.0
DWS 0.7 0.3
WS 3.3 1.4
WS/48 .136 .114
VORP 1.2 0.7

Now, there are some things to consider. Jennings played horrible in about 26 games prior to Josh Smith being waived. We cannot pin point how much of that was because of Smith. You also have to take into account his thumb injury which seemed to really affect his play when he came back from it. But it cannot be ignored that once Smith was waived, Jennings was playing outside his mind. Was it sustainable? Probably doubtful, but who knows.

Likewise, 10 of Jackson's 18 games with the Pistons were not so good. Now, some could argue that this may just be due to getting used to new teammates, new coach, and new system. There is also a possibility that Jackson may play better without Monroe on the floor. Whatever the case may be, his last six games have been astounding, so much so that they have raised those 10 not so great games averages up to near career bests across the board. Again, the question is: Are those numbers sustainable?

Whatever the case may be, one could argue that ESPN's list is faulty. They did not in fact list the Top 30 point guards in the NBA, but ranked the teams by their current starting point guards. I say that because as I looked at this list (I cannot believe I am saying this), Brandon Knight was absent from the list. Now, he and Eric Bledsoe are pretty toe to toe in stats with the only differences really being Bledsoe is a better rebounder and gets to the line more, whereas Knight shoes the three ball better. But Knight should definitely be on this list over the likes of Dante Exum.

However, while looking into this data, as well as the comments that others have posted on our other articles, it really makes me wonder what next year could be like. Jennings, who is only 25, will be on the last year of his deal (and coming off an Achilles tear). Spencer Dinwiddie will have a year under his belt and has shown some promise. Though it is doubtful, but possible, that Jackson will take his qualifying offer (he is only 24 and the following year's cap will explode), he could be in the last year of his deal next year also.

The Pistons have three point guards that all offer their own unique style of play and Van Gundy will have his choice of what he wants to do in the long run. But one would have to argue that if Jackson keeps up his reason play, tied with Van Gundy's praises of him, it is evident what that will be.