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2015 NBA Free Agency: Monroe: 'I haven’t agreed to anything'

Greg Monroe denies New York Daily Times report that signing with Knicks is “done deal.”

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

While it may be a sure thing that Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks pursue Greg Monroe as an unrestricted free agent this summer, that doesn't make it a done deal. Turns out Monroe also has a say in where he signs.

The report from Frank Isola that Monroe to the Knicks was "about as close to a done deal as you can get" didn't pass the smell test from the get-go as teams aren't able to begin free agent negotiations until July 1. Coming to an agreement before then would open the Knicks up to tampering charges.

Monroe was asked about the report before yesterday's game against the Hornets and shot it down entirely.

"It's a shame that people just write stuff that's not factual at all but we as players have to come in here and answer for it when we have absolutely nothing to do with it," Monroe said of the report. "I guess he's doing his job. That's what you guys do. You write it's a done deal then they must have another guy named Greg Monroe somewhere around there I don't know about because I haven't agreed to anything."

For a player who has handled his contract situation calmly and professionally, it's unfortunate that members of the media haven't behaved the same way. It's yet another case of a journalist taking what is likely a kernel of truth - that the Knicks would be interested in Monroe - and using an anonymous source to stretch it to the point of falsehood.