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NBA playoffs 2015: A lot on the line Wednesday night

Playoffs? No, the Pistons are not in the playoffs, but you might still care.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If you enjoy watching meaningful basketball, you'll watch the Pistons-Knicks game on Wednesday night. (Heh.) Otherwise, you may be interested in how the playoff brackets are going to shake out. There's a lot on the line and we have it all here for you.

The East via ESPN:

No. 3 and No. 4 seeds

Chicago will be seeded No. 3 and Toronto will be No. 4 if the Bulls beat Atlanta at home OR the Raptors lose at home to Charlotte.

The Bulls will be seeded No. 4 and Toronto No. 3 if the Raptors win AND the Bulls lose.

No. 8 seed:

Indiana clinches a playoff spot with a road win over the Grizzlies OR a Nets home loss to the Magic.

Brooklyn clinches a playoff spot with a home win over the Magic AND a Pacers loss in Memphis.

The West is also in that ESPN link, and might be easier to follow, but let's give some love to SB Nation's Newsletter (Do you subscribe?)

Here are the scenarios for the [Western Conference] No. 2-6 seeds, with the caveat that Portland is the No. 4 and will not have home court advantage.

IF SAN ANTONIO WINS: It is the No. 2 seed and L.A. is the No. 3 seed. Houston could clinch No. 5 with a win or Memphis loss.

IF SAN ANTONIO LOSES: Houston can clinch No. 2 with a win, which would put L.A. in No. 3. Memphis would take No. 5 with a win in that case, sending S.A. to No. 6. If Memphis also lost, S.A. would be No. 5 and the Grizzlies No. 6.

IF SAN ANTONIO AND HOUSTON BOTH LOSE: L.A. is the No. 2 seed. If Memphis wins in this case, it is the No. 3 seed, San Antonio is No. 5 and Houston is No. 6. If Memphis also loses, San Antonio would be No. 3, Houston No. 5 and Memphis No. 6.

Of course, there's also that small matter of the No. 8 seed. The Pelicans clinch it with a win over the Spurs. The Thunder need to beat the Wolves and see the Pels fall to nab it. Both games tip at 8 p.m. ET.

Now your playoff thoughts.