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2014-2015 Detroit Pistons season awards: Dunk of the year

Let the glitz and glamour begin -- it's the end of season DBB awards extravaganza.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I've got several categories planned for awards over the next week or so, but I thought we'd start on a pretty easy one: Dunk of the year.  Dunks are the ultimate form of domination and emasculation, and throwing one down on an opponent is always satisfying for everyone, sometimes even the teammates on the bench of the player who got aesthetically murdered.  That being said, not all dunks are created equal, and not every nominee is a poster, but each dunk I'm sure got you out of your seat watching live.  Enough chit-chat, let's get to the nominees.

#1 - Andre Drummond on Serge Ibaka

A few points of emphasis here:

- This dunk was over Serge Ibaka, one of the league's premier shot blockers.

- No George, this was not a windmill.

- Notice the little pipsqueak who tried to steal the ball from Andre, a certain malcontent by the name of REGINALD SHON JACKSON

- Bench reactions really make the dunk, just look at Moose all smouldering and intimidating.

#2 - Jodie Meeks on Anthony Davis (sort of)

This dunk was more of a surprise than anything, because you don't really think of Jodie Meeks as a power athlete capable of tearing the rim down.  Then again, any man brave enough to take on Anthony Davis, and lucky enough to win, gets my vote as a nominee.

#3 - Spencer Dinwiddie putback vs. Wizards

This was easily the rookie's best play of the year.  It might not be an amazing dunk all on its own, but context is important.  This dunk was in the middle of perhaps his best game of the season, where he scores 20 points, plus this dunk also gave the Pistons the lead (which they ultimately relinquished).  Well done rook, you made it.

#4 - Andre Drummond murders Tyler Zeller

We here on this message board always bemoan the fact that Andre doesn't utilise the fact that he's bigger than everyone else enough.  Well, in a rare display of raw power and anger, he absolutely demolishes Tyler Zeller with this dropstep hammer, scaring some of his own teammates in the process.  Note: Quincy Miller looks like Keegan-Michael Key here, and yes, Quincy, those pants do make your butt look big.

#5 - Reggie Jackson on Lou Amundson

This dunk was so recent there was no dedicated YouTube clip of it so I had to crop it myself on some online editor.  This throwdown displays all the positives of Reggie's game when given space; quick dribble moves, change of speed, and athletic finishing ability.

Well, there are your 5 nominees for dunk of the year for the Detroit Pistons. You can vote below who you think should win, and comment if there's a dunk you feel I missed.

Now your votes.