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2014-15 Pistons player reviews: John Lucas III

In the first of a series of player reviews, let's take a look at how John Lucas III performed for the Pistons. How did he do?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Since November 3 of the 2007-08 season, it has seemed that the point guard position has been a position of weakness for the Pistons. An aging Allen Iverson, a thrown to the wolves I'm-not-a-point-guard Rodney Stuckey, a wildly inconsistent and turnover prone Brandon Knight, and then Brandon Jennings in the year of the Jith. And that's just the starters. Thanks to injuries, this year was no different.

A week after Brandon Jennings went down with a season ending injury, John Lucas III was signed to a 10-day contract on February 2 to provide backup services. The rarely used Spencer Dinwiddie was simply not cutting it (at the time).

During his first 10-day contract, Lucas proved to be a quality backup. John played in six games for an average of 12.8 minutes (cutting Dinwiddie's down to four a game in only three appearances). He shot 43 percent from the floor but 56 percent from three (on 1.5 attempts per game). He would also have an assist-to-turnover ratio of 8.4 (4.2 assists against 0.5 turnovers). Therefore, he was offered a second 10-day contract.

These 10 days were not as productive. He would shoot 50 percent from the floor, but only 25 percent from three*. He would also only contribute one assist and one turnover. After the All-Star break, due to D.J. Augustin being traded for Reggie Jackson and Jackson not being eligible to play yet, Dinwiddie got a start and was nothing short of efficient. However, even with Jackson set to be the starter and Dinwiddie playing well, Lucas was signed for the rest of the season on Feb. 25.

*Not sure if this was one or two games as his second 10-day contract should have ended on Feb. 21, but he played on Feb. 24 and was not signed for the rest of the season until Feb. 25.

Lucas' finish to the season was nothing to write home about. He had his moments, such as his game in Detroit against Atlanta where he would score 15 points -- 11 in the fourth quarter on 4-for-5 shooting -- to help the Pistons beat the Hawks. But from his signing of his contract on the 25th to the end of the season, his numbers were not good: 13.4 minutes per game, 37.9-percent shooting on 5.1 attempts per game, 19 percent from distance on 1.2 attempts per game, and 2.9 assists against 0.9 turnovers in 13 total games.

Lucas' tenure with Detroit has come to an end, and he knows it. And it isn't due to a lack of production, but because the Pistons have two starting caliber point guards on the books for next season as well as Dinwiddie who may one day be the Pistons starting point guard. He has enjoyed his time in Detroit and I would like to thank him for finishing out a rough season with us.